Could this be your next holiday destination?

40m2 downstairs

60m2 upstairs

20m2 Sauna & bathroom

20m2 glazed terrace


There is a cozy sofa for three people, a stool and an armchair in the living room. There is an open fireplace, where you can put a fire to bring warmth and coziness or, for example, toast marshmallows. In addition, there is a double bed. In the same room you can find a well equipped kitchen and dining table, where you can fit 6 people to eat breakfast. There is also a worktop in the kitchen that you can use as a table if needed. You can find an old wood stove in the kitchen which you can also use to make your morning coffee in a more old-fashioned way.

Bedsheets and towels are always included with the price.

Cottage info


The specialty of Pukkikallio is our sauna, which opens right to the lake. The bathroom has direct access to the lake. The sauna warms with wood which gives gentle heat to enjoy. There are two showers in the bathroom. The benches are made of old floorboards which adds to the atmosphere. You can also find a flush toilet in the bathroom as well. In addition, there is a drying-washing machine for you to use.


If you want to, you can use the privy instead of flush toilet. It is located next to the outdoor storage.

Garden sauna

The sauna in the garden is free to use but keep in mind that it has not been fixed for customer use. If you do use it please remember to clean after you.


On a big, glazed terrace you can enjoy nature’s beauty, even on rainy days. There are some armchairs for you to sit down on. I myself like to enjoy my morning coffee on the terrace while enjoying the beautiful view.


There is a separate entrance upstairs through the terrace. The stairs are very steep, so the cottage is not suitable for the disabled. There are beds for four people; a big double bed, and two sleeping corners that can be closed with curtains. In addition, there is one bed that is suitable for children to sleep in. There is also a cozy corner with a sofa for hanging out. It is possible to get a bed for two more people from the sofa. The room is warmed, and cooled down, with an air-source heat pump.


Pukkikallio is well equipped for an easy vacation. In the kitchen you can find a fridge freezer, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, oven, microwave, dishwasher and other basic kitchen utensils.

Water comes from the lake. There is 10 liters of drinking water provided by us. If you need more water, remember to bring it yourself. Lake water is clean and some of households near by, use it as drinking water. we don’t recommend drinking it. it’s safe to use for cooking when it is boiled during the process.

Bedsheets and towels are always included with the price.

Good swimming opportunities. You can go swimming from three different spots: the beach (in front of the sauna), the rock or the dock. During winter, hole in the ice can be ordered.

There is a separate entrance upstairs through the terrace.

Flush toilet in the bathroom, entrance from the outside. If you want to, you can use the privy instead of flush toilet.

Wood burning sauna and two showers.

Water comes from the lake, 10 liters of drinking water is provided by us.

The cottage is not suitable for disabled since there are many steep stairs. Please take a careful look before booking.

In the bathroom you can find a drying-washing machine.

Both up- and downstairs have an air-source heat pump that can be used for warming or cooling down the rooms.

There is smart TV and Wifi in the cottage.

Outside you can find a campfire place with a cooking pan that can be used on open fire. There is also a gas grill and sitting area with a table for six people.

You can drive to the cottage with a boat, the pier is big enough to attach an even bigger boat.

There are beds for 6 people. For extra cost we can add 3 more people. In the upstairs there is a double bed and two sleeping corners. In the downstairs there is a double bed.